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Ages 3.5+

We understand that everyone has a unique way of learning, that is why we have created our classes to meet the needs of every student and their abilities.

  Our courses are to help inspire individuals to discover their full potential in life through martial arts.


But most importantly understanding the ART of discipline and perseverance in life.




Competition         program

Our elite competition team (Judo and TaeKwonDo requires an interview process to join. Our team competes at the state and national level. Several of our team members are CA State Champions and Nationally ranked.


Coaches Josh and Jennifer focuses on developing explosiveness, mobility, strong fundamentals.


Their core teachings are to cultivate a healthy training process and desire to constantly improve.

Junior/adult PROGRAM

The junior/adult program is for ages 10 and up.  It is developed for students to challenge themselves physically and mentally.  The core focus is to encourage them to be the best version of themselves through hard work and discipline.

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